We are different, in a good way


AMCX has operated quietly behind the scenes for decades.  We primarily work with instrument manufacturers or companies that make components for the analysis industries, and we work with companies that make medical devices, delivery systems or actual medical products and drugs. 


We have a low ecologic footprint, we have no SARA reportable chemicals in house, we have no RoHs reportable materials and do not use any.  Almost all of our surfaces are FDA GRAS materials, most of our surfaces are suitable for full, direct contact or surgical implantation.  Where applicable, our surfaces have been tested to be non-hemolytic and non irritating for en vivo applications.


We have always supported basic research for the common good.  We typically do not charge non-profits and legitimate university research for our services.   We are not a large company but we have been around a long time, and we try to do the right thing. 


We ship globally.  We do what we can to deal with language issues, we appreciate the very good efforts of our international customers to use English with us.  We do appreciate our customers, many of them have been with us since almost the beginning.  We are there for you in emergencies and unpredictable events, we understand how connected we all are; we continuously make preparations for the unexpected and we plan for the future.   


We work hard to stay on the vanguard of new technologies and we want to be your in-house solution for surfaces and surface modifications.   


Excellence is our only goal, once you start working with us you will see just how responsive a vendor can be.  We look forward to working with you for a long time.