AMCX has quietly provided surface modification services for over 20 years. We process hard metal and ceramic parts.  We offer reliable systems for common industry requirements as well as custom development capabilities to complement your innovation.

Let’s Begin

Evaluate Suitability – We review your application and make a recommendation.
Gratis Samples – We offer gratis samples until you’re pleased or we discontinue.
In House Production – All parts are processed at our facility in Tyrone, PA.

Production Capabilities

We Specialize in Small Parts & Consumables
Our Production Scales Infinitely to High Volume Standing Orders
All Types of Steel & Hard Metals
Glass, Ceramics & Cermets

Industries We Serve

Medicine, Drug Delivery, Medical Devices
Research, Basic, Genomic, Protenomic, Petrochemical
Analysis, Chemical, Biological, Aerospace, Environmental
Industrial, Transportation, Food Science, Manufacturing