Custom OEM and Surface Modification

The core of our business is working with small parts.  We work with the analytic device manufacturing industry, with device manufacturers in genomic and protenomic research, gas and fluid transfer, metering and monitoring device manufacturers and companies that supply parts to these industries.  We are the in-house surface modification service to many of our customers and have been quietly serving our customers for over 40 years.  We work with almost all of the major player companies involved in chemical, biological and medical analysis and AMCX and our surfaces are a fixture in these industries. We also provide services to medical instrument manufacturers and allied medical fields, as well as energy, petrochemical and food production equipment manufacturers.

Quality control and consistency are critical to our services, and our responsiveness to our customers is legendary; our success and longevity is due to our experience, our consistency, and our excellent customers.  We understand our services are important to the success of the functionality of the OEMs we work with and we take this very seriously. 
AMCX has a lot to offer.  We have metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides, oxynitrides, transition metals, monomers, polymers, silicones, carbides, borides and deactiviation or isolation surface modifications.  Most of our standard surface systems are multilalyer composite systems applies to lend specific qualities to our customer’s OEM components and consumable supplies.

We have the capability to do sample batches as well as vast production runs, we can do 20 parts for samples or 100,000 parts in an order. 

We work with our customers to solve issues or enable technologies.  Some of our applications include nonspecific protein binding surfaces for blood and plasma analysis, lipiphobic and hydrophobic (as well as hydrophilic) surfaces for microfluidic transfer and archival applications, halogen resistant surfaces for stainless steels and aluminum alloys, chemical isolation and encapsulation surfaces for chemical analysis and chromatography,  We offer surface modification technologies to lend corrosion resistance, chemical isolation/inertness, passivation, heat and oxidation resistance, scratch and abrasion resistance, anti scratch and hydrogen embrittlement resistance.  We can also bond moieties to surfaces for gas and liquid analysis as well as gas and liquid sampling.  Many of these technologies and surface systems are available only from AMCX.